You will Never Walk alone! Mudavadi declares as he and Wetangula seal off Luhyaland

Amani National Congress boss Hon Musalia Mudavadi made a triumphant wnentrk my 2 the Mulembe nation for the first time in 114 days

In what was largely a peaceful meet the people tour, Mudavadi started his tour in Kitale where he first held a consultative meeting with Fr Morris Crawley of the Kitale catholic parish.

Together with his brother and friend Hon Wetangula, the two leaders urged residents to be vigilant in what they termed as political conmanship.

“They’re telling us to break ANC, and Ford Kenya to form one big political party.

Mudavadi and Wetangula in Nambale - Busia yesterday
Mudavadi and Wetangula in Nambale – Busia yesterday

The people telling us are Atwoli, a life member of Kanu, Eugene Wamalwa who’s in Jubilee and Wycliffe Oparanya, Deputy Party Leader ODM.

I hope you read the story of Sungura mjanja, he told his friends to slaughter their mother, but hid his mother in forest!

-Musalia Mudavadi”

On having one of their own on the ballot, Hon Wetangula said he is solidly behind the push for a single Mulembe candidate on the ballot in 2022.

“People have been writing us off but now Mudavadi and I have decided to show you the way, whereas our friends like Oparanya and Eugine want us to join the government, Mudavadi and myself want you people to form a government” said Wetangula.

From Kitale, the leaders made way to Kakamega where they visited Anc offices that were razed by fire last week where the leaders condemned the arson attack terming it as cowardice but will not put a stop to their resolve.

Busia leaders endorse Mudavadi/Wetangula unity bid.

Despite the ugly incident in Kakamega/Khusabatia area where Hon Savula was briefly arrested for breaking covid 19 protocols, the Mudavadi /Wetangula entourage sneaked into Busia county where they received a heroic welcome.

Hon Bunyasi played host and led Busia elders in endorsing the resolve to rally behind the Mudavadi/Wetangula unity for presidency calls.

The two leaders received a special blessing from elders who urged them to now make friends across the country to actualize the presidency dream.

“We have come here to give you directions as your leaders. Our duty is to lead you in the right direction. As sons and daughters of Mulembe, I want to assure you that our working together will yield the presidency.Mudavadi and I are ready to ensure a luhya son eventually clinches the top seat” Wetangula said amid applause.

On his part, Mudavadi stole the thunder by assuring the people that the journey to statehouse was on.

In what appeared like a response to Wetangula’s endorsement of Mudavadi, the Anc boss said.

“I want to assure my brother Weta,.
Weta! You will never walk alone.
My brothers and sisters in Busia!
You will never walk alone!
And you people don’t let me walk alone” Mudavadi said.
With Mudavadi and Wetangula working together, it will not be easy for other forces to penetrate luhyaland.

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