Won’t Marry My 7yrs Girlfriend, Why Women Should Take Justice Kimondo ‘s Ruling Seriously

Sometimes past relationships leave a lasting pain that changes the mentality of a person towards marriage forever.

A man has revealed that he is not planning to marry his current girlfriend that they have been together for seven years. He says this is because of what happened between him and his ex.

During a radio discussion on why women should not accept to live with their partners unless her has married them legally, the man called to explain how his ex-girlfriend broke his heart to a point that he is not planning any time soon.

The man says, they used to live well with his ex until she travelled to Dubai and got some money. The guy says, the ex-called him to tell him he wasn’t her type.

“I lived with he for over five years akaenda majuu akanionyesha madharau(She travelled aboard then turned against me). I don’t have intentions to marry my current girlfriend. Right now, I just want to enjoy the benefits of a relationship but no marrying. I will marry but maybe later and that won’t be my current girlfriend.” He said.

Earlier last week, Justice Kanyi Kimondo in Murang’a ruled that it is not enough to say that you married to a man because you have his name on your identification card and the two of you are living together.

Kimondo was ruling on a case that was presented by Rose Wangari who wanted to inherit Stephen Ngigi property saying the two had lived together for three years and she had taken his name as among the proof that the two were married.

“True we even don’t chose who to marry. Truth is, women are the ones who makes this decision. If a lady chooses to stay with a man for 10 yrs without getting married. Definitely that woman hasn’t made her mind. So when you stay with a woman for 10yrs without marrying her, as a man that woman has not chosen to be with you in her life. She has other options.” Said another man.

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