Why do they blame Mudavadi instead of supporting him as he is?

Stop acting like zombies, support one of your own!
The community called Luhya! A people called Luhya. A nation called Luhya nation. Stop acting like zombies, support one of your own!
Succession politics doesn’t require democracy. It doesn’t require babysitting others when others don’t actually take a bullet for you or cross the street for you.

The Mulembe community, you have lived in this country and it’s not by coincidence that you are here, it’s not by chance that you have numbers beyond any other community is this country. How come you have lost faith, hope, love, single purposeness when you approach politics? How come you live together without war, but you divide yourself into sectional units hoping that your section will win over the other and thus dominate other members of the community as you run into national politics?

The community called Mulembe nation, your peace is useless if it will not translate into meaningful power. Power is the authority to divide national resources. It’s a means of determining who gets what, when, where and why. Benito Mussolin once said, find something to hate, and the Italians hated foreigners!

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This hate translated into changing Italy, whether for good or bad, look into books of history and you will have answers. When it comes to hate, what is happening in Kenya? Somehow, other communities have come to hate the community called Luhya simply because they can’t unite and use their numbers to bulldoze, arm twist, manipulate, command and dominate other communities by their numbers.

The community needs to hold Governor Oparanya responsible for misrepresenting the community’s numbers in 2009 census. How come the former minister of planning shied away or cowed down or refused to release the actual population’s census. If it was a government’s deep secret not put the community above others, how come he never used the information he had at his finger tips to mobilise the community and back one of their own.

Does Hon. Oparanya owe the community an apology?

Since 2009 the community’s influence has warned and totally become a tool for political swing block. Is Mulembe nation supposed to be a SWING BLOCK or a whole block that other political blocks should fear and coalesce around to determine political destiny of this country. Kenyan politics is a one man one man vote, meaning in politics of such nature the community must enjoy power and distribution of resources in this country for eons and eons.

How come, the minority are the one controlling the majority?

Imagine a genuine alliance between the Mount Kenya and Mulembe Nation? Will that alliance not sweep all seats in the city, dominate all presidential power? If one man one vote is protected as it’s, who can defeat this alliance? The Mulembe nation must wake up and realize how power is gotten, given and exchanged in this country. This power will not come by sheer of sycophancy that is being exhibited by the so called Luhya leaders. These leaders have used the same mentality, strategy and map to find a new Land. Christopher Columbus changed his mind, strategy and reviewed his map to discover new lands. When will Mulembe nation change to find change.

Wrong Road Map to discover State house .

Every political cycle they sing the same old song between ears of Hon. Raila Odinga and their ears. This song has been sung off tune for ages. From Hon. Odinga some Luhya leaders have jumped to Hon. Ruto, using same outdated strategy, mindset and old road map. They are convinced with this song they will discover some new Land to build themselves a fortress in state house.

How absurd is this absurdity? The Mulembe natives have a road in one Hon. Musalia Mudavadi or Hon. Moses Wetangula, the nation has choices in these two brothers but the community have their ears budded. They have their brains on hire, they have their minds on remote control, they prefer to die for one guy who will never go to state house and they are comfortable with that state of deceit and manipulation. The community is famed for shaming one of their own. They sit on top of the table of culture shame.

In the capital city even with their numbers, the community still lacks remorse in their stupidity. They vote for a party instead of their own. After the election is done, what follows is abuse from the people who they voted for. This nature and trend must cease if the community intends to enter into books of power within the nation and within the city. Some minority communities in the city are ruling the largest community in the country even in wards and constituencies where Mulembe natives are majority.

Why is this trend so popular among the Mulembe voters nation?

Is it true that the community doesn’t understand usages of power and so the bad behaviors and bad patterns in voting ? Is is true they prefer to be led rather than lead? Why do they blame Mudavadi instead of supporting him as he is? Why do they laugh at Wetangula instead of backing him? Whoever understands the political mindset of Mulembe nation will rule them forever. The community spends time discussing non essentials at the expense of common good. Who will liberate them? 2022 is here, don’t blame Mudavadi, organize mobilize and take power! Other communities don’t blame their leaders.

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