Why Barrack Muluka Has Resigned as ANC Secretary-General and Member

Barrack Muluka has tendered his resignation as ANC Secretary-General and party member

In a letter addressed to ANC party leader Musalia Musavadi, Muluka says he has taken the decision to give Mudavadi the necessary latitude as he needs to forge his political journey ahead.

As part of giving you the necessary latitude on the arduous political journey ahead, I have now elected to step aside and move on to other horizons.” Wrote Muluka.

Muluka says he has nothing else to offer to Mudavadi after fulfilling his assignments which were to reorganize ANC and write the biography if Mudavadi.

…they included writing your biography and helping with reorganization and strengthening of your party…I am now satisfied that both assignments have been suitable done.” Said Muluka.

He further adds that Mudavadi needs space to make critical decisions about his ANC party and his political career.

I doubt that I could add more value to what I have done so far. Move over is is now fitting that the space around you should be decongested. This will allow you to make critical decisions on the population and leadership of the party and the new constitution.” says Muluka.

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