Wetangula Joins Ruto’s Allied Western Politicians in Opposing Leasing of Nzoia Sugar

Embattled Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula has joined a section of deputy president William Ruto allied western politicians in opposing the leasing of the Nzoia Sugar factory.

Speaking in Bokoli ward, Webuye, Bungoma senator says the company won’t be leased without the approval of local residents.

“You cannot lease our soil for 30 years. That is dangerous. It is like selling the soil.” Said Wetangula.

Wetangula further warned Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati to trade the issue of Nzoia with a lot of consideration or else it destroys his career.

” I want to tell our leaders here including our governor, this Nzoia has made careers and it has also destroyed careers. It is up to you to decide which part to take. The path of greatness for Nzoia or the path of destruction because of Nzoia.” He warned.

According to Wetangula, the biggest problem for Nzoia Sugar factory is under capitalization and poor management which he says can be resolved easily instead of leading for 30 years 

“We transfer shares of Nzoia to the county government of Bungoma which is the trustee for the people of Bungoma with a condition that you look for a strategic partner for the management of Nzoia.” He said.

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