Wetangula fires at young politicians who he called hirelings!

Gold scandal.

In an interview at citizens last night, the Bungoma senator denied being involved in gold scandal that rocked the nation sometimes last year. He told Mwaura, this county has many clowns who can mimic and imitate any one’s voice and some clowns are here in your radio stations. I hear them everyday mimicking known personalities. That voice sounds like me but that’s not me.

The Senator told Wahiga Mwaura ” I am a professional lawyer, professional politician, a father and a grand father, and I have a name to protect. I can’t put myself in such muddy issues. I don’t sell Gold and I have never involved myself in such business.

On Corruption.

He said that, he was never involved in Tokyo grand saga. They wanted to frame him but the sharp lawer walked to former president Mwai Kibaki and told him, let me step aside and let all investigative agencies do their job and unravel the schemes behind the embassy scandal. The agencies reported to the president that Wetangula was not in any way involved in the sale of the embassy and that’s why he was not prosecuted.

Hireling politicians.

He also lashed at young politicians (whom he couldn’t name) from the Luhya community whom he called Hirelings. He said these hirelings are being bought or paid to soil senior politicians names. He warned them and said they should cool down and sober up and stop being used to do dirty for small fees.

On Bhukhungu and Mumias meeting.

The larified that, he and hon. Musalia Mudavadi never commissioned the Mumias meeting or planned it. They went to Bukhungu because people persuaded them to attend the meeting since they are the most senior Luhya leaders. They went there even though they were indifferent with the organisers, and as the son of the community they went their to speak to their brothers and sisters and there is nothing wrong with the move.

President call.

He clarified that even if the president called him, the call couldn’t be about such matters as attending Bukhungu meeting. He supports BBI but he wants people to be the centre piece of the discussion. He lamented that the BBI chorus has been hijacked by unknown singers who are diverting the chorus from the main tune. BBI should address electral issues but at the moment it’s talking about positions and positions and that’s a wrong trajectory. He said he will continue attending the rallies but he will stress BBI should be a people centred idea.

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