Vihiga council of elders Embrace Oparanya and Eugine’s quest for Luhya unity anchored on the development

When Cotu boss Francis Atwoli hosted over 40Mps and governors at his Kajiado home, many people dismissed him as inconsequential.

However, the wave by Atwoli now being led on the ground by Governor Oparanya and Cs Wamalwa plus a host of seasoned luhya politicians cannot be ignored.

Yesterday, Oparanya and Wamalwa’s bandwagon was in Vihiga county the home turf of Anc party leader.

The meeting in Vihiga comes hot on the heels of other successful engagements with luhya elders in Busia,Bungoma and Kakamega.

Many pundits expected poor turnout at Ebunangwe the venue for the Vihiga chapter meeting.

Vihiga council of elders

Hosted by the Vihiga county boss Governor Otichilo with Hon Osotsi taking up the role of introducing the agenda of the meeting and setting up the tone, the meeting with Vihiga elders lived upto its billing.

“Elders of our great county Vihiga, we have gathered here not to bicker, backbite, or undermine anybody. We are here to chart a clear way forward that will ensure our region develops and we get to speak on the national table as a respected community”

Hon Osotsi said as he made his introductory remarks.

Both Governor Oparanya and Cs Wamalwa engaged the locals on a wide range of issues that the locals wanted to be addressed by the government.

Cs Wamalwa urged Vihigans to remain steadfast and alert never to lag behind as progressive matters in the nation are being articulated.


Governor Oparanya beseeched the Vihiga county council of elders to rally behind BBI and ensure they are counted on the right side of history.

Governor Otichilo promised to spearhead the BBI train in Vihiga county.

While welcoming the Oparanya/Wamalwa led agenda, Vihiga council of elders through elder F.E. Omido a former Mp thanked the Cs and Governor Oparanya for coming to the people.

“Many times our leaders have neglected us here, but your visit is a sure sign with a bold intent that you mean well for Mulembe nation. We shall pull together and ensure we develop socially and economically. As you traverse other parts of the Luhya nation rest assured that Vihiga is fully behind you”

Hon Omido said.

The event which took place at Ebunangwe saw elders from Maragoli, Tiriki, and Bunyore attend.

Former Minister Noah Wekesa. Hon Shinali, Hon Wamunyinyi attended the event which was hugely succesfull.

Going by the reception so far, the luhya unity agenda is now a reality

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