The Deputy President has managed to infiltrate himself in the president’s backyard, the Mount Kenya region. He has managed to lure more than half of the Jubilee Party leadership especially in the region eg the likes of Moses Kuria, Ndindi Nyoro etc. He has been a frequent visitor in the region bearing a lot of gifts for the people. The DP has also lured some of the western region leaders and we are left wondering if Ruto can replace Raila Odinga in his stronghold.

The Deputy President Dr. William Samoei Ruto will be vying for presidency in the oncoming 2022 general elections. He has been facing many political enemies and challenges hindering him. He has wide national following in all the regions mainly by referring to himself as a chicken seller, a mere hustler and will bring an end to the fall of dynasties that have been leading the country in the past years.

Despite having a huge following in the country, the DP as well has his fair share of challenges. He has been accused of various alleged corrupt cases in the country by his opponents such as the Arror and Kimwarer dam scandal; questioning his source of wealth and his generosity in public gatherings. The President reconciled with his fierce rival Raila Odinga therefore resulting to slight chances of Uhuru Kenyatta joining him for his bid for presidency come 2022. There have been sins of a breakup between the president and his DP alluding to the fall of the Jubilee Party. Leaders who tend to be supporting the Deputy President have been punished which still shows their “marriage” is on the rocks.

We therefore look forward to which alliances the deputy president will make since he is in a dilemma of who will be his running mate.

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