The Bukhungu 18th is gone but the effects of its formation is still vibrating long after the meeting. There winner and losers! Our servery across the city indicates that Hon. Mudavadi and Hon. Wetangula are the winners of people. They won the hearts of Luhya community.

While Hon. Mudavadi stressed the economic importance of the region and how the region has been neglected over the trade between the neighboring countries with Kenya, Hon. Wetangula reminded the people of Western to guard their political space and this was delivered through his well thought words that he spoke in mother tongue to hit the hearts of the community.

He said, omundu sanyala kengila ewoo kaabasia omukhasi woo kamaturu mala wamulolele tawe (Nobody should come to your house and caress the breasts of your wife while you sit their and watch, you have to do something) omundu sanyala engila munju mwoo nalekha sibika amukhe woo mala wamulolele tawe (No body should poop in your sitting room and you sit there and watch)

These simple but power statements are still being echoed from the famous indivisible city of Mulembe nation even though it’s miles away from the capital city. It appears Hon. Mudavadi and Hon. Wetangula had a game plan, Hon. Mudavadi to stir the economy debate and Hon. Wetangula to stir the politics. Their game plan worked. The organisers of the meeting who spoke after the two luminaries had spoken, were forced to change their earlier rehearsed speeches and meandered in different directions trying to defend themselves!

It’s rumoured that the organisers are regretting and sources close to them reported that the organisers were overheard saying at the after event drink that ” if only wishes were horses they couldn’t have allowed the two eloquent leaders to speak or to come and steal the crowd. Bukhungu 18th will go down in history as the meeting that separated boys from men. Boys were busy making noise and that was before the real men arrived on the scene.

Remember the millions that went into transporting people, reimbursement, energy and time spent on the event only to leave without people and the people who didn’t put in any effort took the people. They say it’s politics and in politics there winners and losers of people, sharp and wise politicians won!

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