Teargasing and Intimidating us will not stop the Resolve of the Mulembe Nation to march to statehouse Sen Wetangula

Over the weekend, Western Kenya was going up in smoke as police engaged leaders in running battles as teargas rent the air.

 MPs Ben Washiali, Didimus Barasa Mwambu Nabonga, Justus Murunga and Ferdinand Wanyonyi had gathered at Malulu Injendi’s home to discuss issues affecting the Western region.

Police showed up and teargassed the homestead forcing the leaders to scamper for safety.

On Friday, what was to be Wetangula’s grand march to Bungoma after an attempted coup on Ford Kenya turned ugly as police teargassed Wetang’ula’s meet the people convoy.

scenes from Malulu Injendis home and Wetangula in Bungoma
scenes from Malulu Injendis home and Wetangula in Bungoma

Wetang’ula’s convoy was cut short by police officers who dispersed crowds with teargas and barricaded all roads he was to pass through to greet his supporters.

Hons, Barasa, Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa, Bungoma Woman Rep Catherine Wambilianga, Wanyonyi, Sakwa Bunyansi, Alfred Agoi, Mabongah and a host of MCA’s and local leaders had a first hand encounter with teargas as police cancelled their party.

Kakamega meeting teargased.

In Malava, police arrived at the Malulu Injendi’ s home and ordered the MPs who were seated in tents and members of the public to leave for violating the Covid-19 protocol on gatherings

scenes from Malulu Injendis home and Wetangula in Bungoma
scenes from Malulu Injendis home and Wetangula in Bungoma

Kimilili Mp Hon Didmus Barasa and a section of MCAs engaged police in arguments, some hurling abuses at the officers.

It was this point that Malava subcounty police commander Peter Mwanzo ordered officers to lob teargas at the groupings at the MP’s home.

Bumula Mp Hon Mabongah described police action as barbaric in present times.

“Why should police throw tear at us when we meet to discuss issues affecting our people? This is intimidation and we will not succumb to this,” Hon Mabonga said.

On his part, former manority whip Hon Washiali said that it was unacceptable that police can teargas six MPs meeting to talk to each other but allowed gatherings of 40 Mps elsewhere.

Sen Wetangula condemns the teargassing of leaders.

Hon Wetang’ula condemned the harassment and teargassing of his entourage by police saying that he had notified them that he was going to tour the county after which he was given a go-ahead

scenes from Malulu Injendis home and Wetangula in Bungoma

“We heard informed the county commissioner, Abdi Hassan, that I would be touring the county as I greet my electorates bypassing, as I was very much aware of the Covid-19 ministry of health directives,” he said.

Accompanied by other leaders, Sen Wetangula was forced to cut short his trip and walked for about three kilometers from Nalondo to his Kanduyi home.

Women selling groceries and Boda Boda riders were not left out in the melee as some had to flee from the police tear gas living their wares unattended.

“We are responsible leaders and we know how to protect ourselves and our people from covid and this is just political malice,” lamented Wetangula.

The senator further warned leaders who were out to divide Mulembe Nation due selfish interests that they will not succeed

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