Stop Withholding Guard’s Salaries! Andabwa warns Employers

Knpswu secretary General Bro Isaac Andabwa has warned private security firms against withholding and or deducting their salaries during this fragile covid 19 pandemic.

In a hard hitting letter to the ministry of interior and coordination and copied to the ministry of labour, The regulator private security and Cotu, Mr Andabwa pointed out Wellsfargo ltd and Securex security co ltd companies for either withholding or deducting salaries for the month March.

“Today we have received complains from Wellsfargo and securex security company guards, we dont know who next. Under employment act and ILO , no employer is allowed to deduct salary of an employee without consent.

We therefore demand immidiate release of the witheld and or deducted salaries without further delays and conditions” the knpswu sg said.

In the letter addressed to Dr Matiang’is ministry under whose docket security belongs, Bro Andabwa was optimistic that the plight of guards will be addressed forthwith. Failure to which KNPSWU will have no options but to seek further remedial actions to safeguard the interests of its members in this case the private security guards

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