We are here as part of our ongoing Western Kenya solidarity movement whose destination is State House in 2022, in common partnerships with Kenyans of like mind from other parts of the country.

Our energies come from the primary concern that selfishness has become the foremost driver in the search for political leadership in the country, among our detractors and adversaries. Everywhere across the country, Kenyans are smarting under the effects of bad leadership and the new coronavirus disease. A critical mass of entitlement their leaders, including trade union leaders, have abandoned them.

While we had hoped that focus in the country would be on addressing the challenges that the new coronavirus virus has wrought among Kenyans, we have been duly concerned that strands of selfish individuals have come together to jolt the country back into caustic politics.

For a while, we watched in disbelief and pleaded that the political class should go slow on politics and let all of us concentrate on the plight of the people. Our pleas, however, have fallen on deaf ears. We have seen not just self-seeking manœuvres everywhere, but also manœuvres that are intended to be hostile and divisive.

Ironically, some of the same voices are telling MCAs to go slow on impeachment of governors, ostensibly because of the need to focus on fighting coronavirus. Yet the same persons quickly rush to spend both public time and money running hugely divisive and expensive political programs.

It is behind this background that we have been compelled to come out to set the record straight and to invite Kenyans of goodwill to walk with us in the search for making Kenya a better country. Western Kenya has been earmarked as the place that the journey begins. It must however not end here.

We have come home as Western leaders first because our journey to make Kenya a better country must begin at home, in the manner in which charity always begins at home.

In this regard, we are also awake to the sinister machinations that have been hatched to destabilize the political kingpins of this region. Kenyans have seen the externally driven efforts to rock ANC and Ford Kenya parties – efforts that specifically target Hon. Musalia Mudavadi and Hon. Moses Wetang’ula. These sinister ploys will be strongly resisted, beginning here in Western. We want to tell the owners of these machinations that you cannot sponsor a strange creature into the stable and turn it into a horse, if it is not a horse. The attempts to impose non-leaders upon the peoples of Western Kenya are doomed to fail, from the start.

We have chosen to walk gallantly into the future and to 2022 as one solid block from Western Kenya. There will be no looking back. Let those who are someone’s project in the region, and their master, know that there is only one direction for us. There is no reverse gear, no surrender, no looking back. We are going all the way to the ballot box. Make no mistake. We will stand or fall together as one indivisible unit. But stand we will.

We have entered a defining moment and if you are not with us, forget about Western Kenya. If you are not with us, you are against our people. Accordingly, the people will also reject you. And we will make sure that you are rejected.

Finally, We are aware of diversionary efforts and sundry tricks to lure us from our path. They are coming in all manner of guises. Some come as invitations to join the Jubilee government. Political parties are being collapsed for this purpose. Others are in the form of decoy and empty-shell projects, targeting our region. The treasury is empty. It is a limping shell of a vessel.


Our leaders are being herded together for a two-million shillings bus project. Other are narrow agendas and isolationist politics dubbed Luhya Unity and the like which have failed to recognize the multiplicity of Kenyan communities in Western and indeed in all parts of the country. This is a cosmopolitan region. Every Kenyan community in this area and indeed in all parts of the country should be respected and be allowed to enjoy its full citizenship rights . And yet others are confrontational politics using handpicked characters who have been specifically commissioned to try to derail our mission.

Let us remind ourselves that this government has had eight years in which it has lost the opportunity to bring meaningful projects to our people and region. It has squandered our enormous goodwill and the opportunity to work with us. They are now coming to lure us when all the funds have been squandered.

We will not be diverted by such red herrings. We will stay on course and stay the course. We invite the rest of Kenya to join us on this very critical mission to save our country. Meanwhile, we thank our people of Western for seeing through the wicked tricks of the so-called Luhya unity movement and for rejecting it. The Western Solidarity Movement is what our region and country needs. All Kenyans in Western matter.

Our agenda is Kenya.
Our focus is on Kenya
Our mission is Kenya.
And so help us God.

We are firmly behind our Principals, namely: Hon. Musalia Mudavadi and Hon. Moses Wetangula and we shall walk together with the people of Western Kenya and the rest of the country. From Western, we will soon go out to the rest of the country to talk with our fellow Kenyans and their leaders. We must restore hope to Kenyans together.


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