Yes, you must have had times without numbers big time employees telling youths “be self employed, Create your own jobs “

True to their words they really wish you well, but do they ever stop and question themselves why they are on white color job?

I have been In self employment for the last 3yrs now and I vividly say it is never easy as it is said.

  • You require more passion than profession.
  • You need to be patient
  • You need to be resilient
  • You need to be outgoing
  • You need to be persistent among others.

This are characteristics seldom found in youths

Others will tell you “quit your job and go start some business” to me that must be treated as a strange voice, if you can manage to run your business and still be on employment please do.

The worst thing about this thing called self employment is that mostly you provide services to the employed who still have the audacity of not paying you. How now?

This is something the employed class need to really look into. You discourage that youth who has just ventured in self employment supplied you maize and you end up not paying him yet your salary is much pregnant.

Let us support youths venture along this line. Your support might not necessarily mean financial uplift but just buying their products / services.

The best thing with self employment is that once you understand the terrains of the landscape, you are good to go. I encourage youths to venture along this only available opportunity.

Otherwise feel free to get our consultancy services of livestock, crop and soil science.


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