Ruto Calls ODM Hypocritical Lords of Corruption in Response to Sifuna’s Attack

Deputy President William Ruto has described ODM party as hypocritic ‘lords of corruption’.

In a statement responding to Saturday’s ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna remarks that Ruto is a non rational leader who is jealousy for not being part of the alleged Covid19 funds looting, the Dp says ODM are taking advantage of the handshake to further their personal greedy interests.

“The pretentious (former)Opposition,now turned Lords of corruption, attempted defence of the Covid19 grand larceny is NOT shocking. It confirms the worst of Kenyan’s fears that their side of handshake was never interested in the people’s good but opportunity to loot.What a shame.” Wrote Ruto.

On Saturday, Sifuna said Ruto was betraying President Kenyatta’s efforts to fight against corruption in the hope of saving his dwindling political career after Ruto said “at least now nobody will blame me for stealing COVID funds” .

“We have pointed out before that DPs recalcitrance and lack of political emotional intelligence are a hindrance to the smooth running of government.” Wrote Sifuna.

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