Review Revenue sharing formula Hon Osotsi says.

Nominated Mp Hon Godfrey Osotsi has added his voice on the raging debate on revenue allocation that has divided the country into two. The Hon Mp who hails from Vihiga county one of the 19 counties and the only county from the former western province to lose over 361M.

“Vihiga county is earmarked to lose 361M which is likely to strain the already limited resources. Withholding 361 M from Vihiga county will render the county unable to operate well considering that Vihiga county has over 1.8 Billion pending bills 700M of which should be paid this financial year. The proposed formula, therefore, complicates the county’s ability to pay salaries, complete ongoing projects, and or start new ones”

Said Hon Osotsi.

#Hats Off for Sen George Khaniri.

Hon Osotsi has singled out Vihiga county senator for his bold stand in defending the county of Vihiga.

I salute our Senator Hon George Munyasa Khaniri for his bold stand in defending Vihiga county’s interests at the senate. Kakamega sen Hon Malala too deserves a pat on the back for despite his county of Kakamega gaining, he chose to stand by Vihiga all in the spirit of Mulembe and nationhood. Youthfull senators like Sen Mutula Jnr, Sen Ledama, Sen Sakaja, and Sen Murkomen also put up a spirited fight in defense of devolution and the losing counties Vihiga included.

added Hon Osotsi.

#We now know our friends as Vihiga county.

“As part of Mulembe nation, we have now known our true friends. Bungoma senator Hon Wetangula’s silence on matters Vihiga is so deafening. Hon Wetangula has been traversing Vihiga county with the Hon Mudavadi yet when Vihigans needed his voice he went mute. Hon Washiali too is a hypocrite. He is busy traversing Vihiga county selling Ruto’s agenda but on this issue, he is the loudest castigating Hon Malala for standing with Vihiga county.

#Naivasha memories.

During the constitution-making process in Naivasha, many people were against Vihiga becoming a county. Had it not been for Hon Mudavadi’s firmness, people wanted Vihiga to be part of Kakamega county despite its stand alone as a district then.” Osotsi.

The Hon member has told off those claiming that Vihiga has issues big enough to warrant recall of the county.

As leaders from Vihiga, we shall stand firm in defense of Vihiga county. If there are governance issues or corruption-related cases, relevant bodies and county assembly should play its oversight roles well. The bottom line is Vihiga issues shall be sorted internally” adds Hon Osotsi.

#Proposed Revenue formula offends the country’s constitution.

According to Hon Osotsi, the proposed formular offends the constitution in the following instances.

Article 17 5 b.: counties shall have reliable sources of revenue to enable them to govern.

Article 201> Principles of public finance shall promote an equitable society. This formular doesnt do that
Article 202(1) Revenues raised nationally shall be shared equitably among National and county govt.
Article 202(2) County government may be given additional allocation from the national government share of revenue either conditionally or unconditionally.

Losing counties like Vihiga should benefit from this article and either conditionally or unconditionally regain 361M “opines Hon Osotsi.

Hon Osotsi further interrogates the process used in the new formula in relation to Article 203 of the constitution and again finds it offensive as below.

Article 203.

  1. National interest
  2. public debts and other obligation
  3. Needs of the counties
  4. The ability of counties to perform, economic disparities, etc.

Hon Osotsi notes that with counties losing and others gaining, this brings about divisions which is a threat to national cohesion. He further notes the economic disparities between e.g. Kiambu and Vihiga makes no sense to see a developed Kiambu gain as underdeveloped Vihiga lose.

#BBI way to go.

I wish to urge all Kenyans and especially Vihigans to rally behind BBI for there lies our salvation. With BBI, we stand to gain 35% which is 3times more what we are getting currently

he said.

On Sen Kang’ata’s threat that BBI will fail if the formular fails, Hon Osotsi had this to say.

“The Hon Kang’ata is a stranger to BBI for it is a product of a handshake between President Uhuru and Hon Raila.Vihigans are solidly behind BBI

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