Proff Eric Wafukho: Proff Manyora is a tired brain that badly need a sabbatical

I listened to Professor Manyora this morning as he commented on an array of issues and my conclusion was that the professor is tired and he needs a sabbatical to recharge his batteries.

I have always looked forward to Professor Manyora’s clips as he guides the nation in political scenario building. However, I listened with a great sense of bemusement this morning as our good professor used the ODM template where the end justifies the means to advice ANC which is a party on a very different axis.

ANC has faced one election and learnt the bitter lesson of having indiscipline and governance aberration in which party nominations are manipulated to line the pockets of a few individuals while denying the strong candidates an opportunity to vie on the party ticket.

ANC believes that you attract strong members and candidates when you allow the wheels of justice to roll on foe and friend alike. Having exhausted internal mechanisms for despute resolution , ANC had no option but to act in the manner it did.

The belief in ANC party is that political parties are not just vehicles for acquiring political power but that they must be structured for governance as well . Prof Manyora knows that ANC has a strong team of professionals and simply because they hold different views on issues is not reason enough to berate fellow professionals.

Professor should know that ANC will continue to clean its house and rebuild itself simultaneously. First was Malala , next are other leaders who know themselves. They have decided to oppose and work against the party that took them to Parliament and they will face the music as outlined in party Constitution.

A question to Professor Manyora is , why is it ok for ODM to crack a whip on errant members but when ANC does the same it becomes an issue? Why would ODM go without elections but ANC be put under pressure to have elections in the face of COVID-19 pandemic?

Second question, if the likes of Professor Manyora are great advisors to ODM, why has Raila not ascended to the highest office in the land? A corollary question: If Professor Manyora has keen interest in Musalia that much , why has he abandoned his brother to the uninitiated neophytes?

I saw CS Eugene to comment on the Malala issue but Eugene should be the last person to comment on political parties unless it comes to mergers at a fee. Trans Nzoia county has not forgotten the injustice that was meted against Bishop Mbagaya who despite opening doors in wider western to New Ford Kenya, was denied the ticket for Kiminini Constituency after winning New Ford Kenya ticket

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