President Uhuru Kenyatta opens up the economy in a phased-out program.

As partly expected, President Uhuru Kenyatta today opened up Kenyan economy in a careful phased-out program that attempts to strike a balance between the health and economic concerns of the nation.

Kenyans can henceforth from 4am of Tuesday 7th travel from every part of the country to the other as the cessation of movement from Nairobi, Mombasa and Mandera were eased out. The curfew barring movement of persons from 9pm to 4am was however extended for a further 30 days.

The president further opened up local air travel starting 15th July 2020 and international air travel starting August 2020. Churches and mosques have also been allowed to congregate but with a maximum of 100 worshippers for a maxim of one hour per session. Sunday schools and madrassas however remain closed. Children of below 13 years and the elderly of above 58 years have also been restricted from congregating due to their high vulnerability to Covid-19 pandemic.

Kenyans will wait for up to 24 hours from 1pm today to know the fate of schools and institutions of higher learning as the president ordered the concerned task force to make the final announcement on the same by 1pm Tuesday 2020.

The importation of second hand clothes (mitumba) was also eased to allow the return of small scale businesses that largely boost the SME sector countrywide.

The ban on Social and political gatherings of more than 15 people including funerals and weddings, bars and other events was extended for a further 30 days.

The phased out opening up of the economy however comes with a caveat. That a total lockdown will be imposed in case the laid down protocols are not observed. The protocols include but not limited to wearing of masks, keeping social distance and use of hand sanitizers and washing of hands.

The president urged the nation to keep safe by working from home and only move when it’s necessary to minimize exposure to the pandemic. He also touched on the issue of girl child and ordered maximum punishment to culprits who prey on the vulnerable innocent

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