Ojaamong Delivers More Bad News to Busia County Staff Amid Covid19

Busia governor Sospeter Ojaamong has revealed that Busia County staff might be sent home next month if, the county revenue funds will not be delivered in time.

Speaking on Saturday in Teso North, Busia during a funeral service, Ojaamong says his administration has not received any money for the last four months from the national government making service delivery in county impossible.

“From October onwards, if we would not have received money, we will all go home because we can’t stay work and end up hungry.” Said Ojaamong.
He further says that essential service providers like hospitals within the region might will be closed as from next month.

“Even the hospital will be closed. If we cannnot pay nurses, doctors, we can’t provide drugs, we can’t provide food to patients, we will just close. There won’t be need to open. We will now rely on churches for prayers.” Added Ojaamong.

Counties governments have continued to experience extreme financial challenges due to the ongoing county revenue sharing formula stalemate in the senate.

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