ODM Youth Leader Survives Covid19, Thank God for Saving his Life

When news broke out that Odm’s director for youths affairs and aspirant for Kibra by elections late last year, many people reacted differently.

To some they thought it was just a political stunt.
However when news broke that Musungu was in the ICU, messages of sympathy and get well soon started hitting the airwaves.

It wouldnt have hit headlines had it happened to a nother party operative.
This was the mighty Odm, yes Baba’s party and Musungu was not just an ordinary member but an officer who has Raila’s ear anytime on matters youths affairs.

Odm Director of Youth affairs Ben Musungu

“Contracting Covid 19 hit me so hard, the duration I spent in hospital was a difficult time but it enabled me to reflect and apreciate the general well being of a human soul.” narrates Mr Musungu.

“Many people think covid 19 is just a hoax, I wish to tell them that it is real.It is the quick response from the medical team and God’s grace that saved my life. Iam forever grateful to the medical staff at Aga Khan, my party Odm and God for saving me” adds Musungu.

However Musungu is pained by the trauma associated with patients and survivors of the pandemic.

“It pains me that some Kenyans donot understand the pain that comes with one getting sick. Some jammed my phone lines accussing me of stage managing it and reaping millions out of it. Those who understand that you were indeed sick will always keep off you. It was so sad, the stigma is real” adds Musungu.

Co incidentally, Musungu and his former boss Bishop Wanjiru almost fell ill at the same time and recovered.

“We should all observe the directives by the ministry of health. Social distancing, wearing of masks and regular washing of our hands will go a long way in combating this pandemic” concludes

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