No Bad Blood With Otuoma, Ojaamong Says As Race to Succeed Him Gains More Ground

Busia governor Sospeter Ojaamong has refuted claims that there is bad blood between him and former gubernatorial aspirants and Funyula Mp Paul Otuoma.

Ojaamong who has already endorsed his deputy Moses Mulomi to replace him as Busia governor in 2022, says, there was no hostility between the two leaders hinting that he might support Otuoma in 2022 gubernatorial race with conditions.

“There has never been bad blood between me and him. The claims of hostility were fueled by few individuals from his side but there is no big issue between us. As a party, we will do our nomination for the gubernatorial aspirant in 2022 and I have already endorsed Mulomi but if he fails to sail through nomination, I will have to support someone else even if it is Otuoma.” Said Ojaamong on a radio interview

He however, Ojaamong has asked Otuoma who was appointed chairperson of the Privatization Commission for three years in 2018 after he ditched ODM to Jubilee ahead of 2017 elections to make peace with ODM if he needs his blessings.

“When you leave a political party, your name is plucked out of the party’s register. He has to come back through the right channel. This is a people’s party not his own home that he can enter without permission. “Said Ojaamong.

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