Mumias East Mp Hon Washiali to vie as Kakamega senator in 2022 as Khalwale and Hadija Nganyi close in as governor and woman rep respectively

The next General elections may be two years a way but plans are at a high tone.

The immidiate former Jubilee Chief whip and Mumias east Mp Hon Benjamin Washiali has declared his bid for Kakamega senatorship.

His entrance in the race is a wider scheme to lock out Hon Malala the current Kakamega senator from recapturing the seat.

Both Hon Washiali and Boni Khalwale are Dp Ruto’s pointmen in Kakamega.

Many pundits believe that with Khalwale and Washiali combination, the duo will give any other faction a run for their money.

Recently, Washiali toned down and has been seen several times at Musalia Mudavadi center a pointer to a near working relationship between the DP and the Anc boss.

Khalwale, Washiali & Hadija Nganyi ticket in Kakamega.

With Khalwale bagging the gubernatorial ticket from the Dp’s wing in Kakamega, one lady Hadija Juma Nganyi aka Mama Mwepesi has both her hands on the Kakamega woman rep seat.

Madam Hadija, Dr Khalwale and Washiali have a close knit working relationship and have been seen traversing the county running several projects that are beneficial to the local mwananchi.

While Hadija has the sugerbelt wing entirely behind her, she has made serious excursions in Shinyalu and Ikolomani and should she continue with the same gusto and tempo, the current holder Hon Elsie will go home especially now that Odm’s support in Kakamega is waning.

“It is true my brother Washiali is going for Kakamega senatorship and we shall give him all the necessary support. Malala has absconded and joined Raila’s choir forgetting the sole duty of representing the electorates. Yes Hadija Nganyi has been doing some great work on the ground and we are sure when the time comes, the good people of Kakamega will honor her with the responsibility of being the county Mp. The case with Dr Khalwale is a done deal. As Oparanya retires, we know the county will be in good hands under Dr Khalwale” Matungu Mp Hon Justus Murunga said.

Reached for comment, Hon Washiali did confirm that he is going for a county seat.

“Yes I will be the next Kakamega senator, our county needs someone who is bold and seasoned to represent it the same way Dr Khalwale did. Now that Dr Khalwale will be our governor, I Ben Washiali will be in the senate making noise to ensure Khalwale has the funds at the county level. I will also ensure all governors will be accountable unlike the sanitization we saw in Kirinyaga”

Washiali said

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