Mudavadi Sparks Another Debate, Wants Greedy Covid19 Cartels Prosecuted Differently

Maybe no money was stolen from Covid19 funds or maybe ODM is right to say “conventional” wisdom holds that prices of PPEs are high due to the current global demand.

ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi is calling for a commission of inquiry to find the truth into the allegation that billions of money meant for poor victims of the Covid19 pandemic were embezzled.

According to Mudavadi, a commission of inquiry is more fit to unearth real underlying issues in the allegation, unlike other investigation agencies that are vulnerable to blackmail by powerful cartels.

“Commission of inquiry enjoys immunity, unlike other investigation agencies who are vulnerable to the threats and blackmail by the infamous powerful cartels.”

The former Deputy President adds that it is only such inquiry that will soften the hearts of other development partners who threaten to abandon Kenya at an hour of most need because of the insatiable dishonesty.

“If donors pull out, not only do we loss Covid19 support but we will also forgo over 400 billion for HIV, Malaria among other life-saving interventions beneficial to the people.” Said Mudavadi.

The 2022 presidential hopeful urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to form the commission to help him stamp authority in the fight against corruption or graft with audacity.

“Decisions made by the commission are biding in law and just as those of the court are enforceable on their own without the need for further machinazation…” Said Mudavadi.

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