Mudavadi is Uninspiring, Confused, Idea-less Leader Who Cannot Unite Luhyas; Edwin Sifuna

ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna has launched scathing attacks towards ANC party Leader Musalia Mudavadi terming him as a confused and uninspiring leader.

Speaking on Thursday morning during a radio interview,Sifuna says Mudavadi cannot be the leader to unite Luhyas because he lacks leadership skills that the region needs. According to him, supporting Mudavadi will cause shame to luhyas.

“You cannot force us to be united behind a confused, uninspiring leader like Musalia Mudavadi. He has no idea how to govern. We have so many instances that Mudavadi has ashamed Luhyas. We cannot support him again.” Said Sifuna during a radio interview with Mulembe Fm.

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The ODM loyalist adds that Mudavadi cannot be the President in 2022 because he doesn’t have the support of the people including his own fellow Luhyas.

“Those telling Mudavadi that he can be President in 2022 are the real enemies of Luhyas. He cannot be President. He will still get 300,000 votes as he did in 2013.” He said.

Sifuna defended the changes to the constitution proposed by the Building Bridges Initiative saying they are meant to unite the entire country.

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  1. Am shoked with this kind remarks made by so called Sifuna, this is a guy who can not be the chair a dog market, you can not compare yourself and your leadership with Mudavadi Stop this nonsense am tired of you as a Luhya,coz you are an empty debe like leader when you are nocked it makes noises,my dear friend ask Hon.Namwamba, wacha kutuchafua Roho kwa Kutumikia ODM.

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