Mixed reactions have greeted the proposed Bukhungu meeting to be held on 18/1/2020.

Many leaders are reading malice, black mail and political brokerage aimed at selling the populous luhya vote to Raila Odinga at the pretence of Luhya unity.

The new found love between Govn Oparanya and his fierciest critic the former Mahiakalo ward MCA now Kakamega senator Hon Malala leaves alot to be desired.

Billed as young and ambitious, Malala was elected on ANC but has since gone to bed with Odm for conviniency purposes. Whether this will earn him the Kakamega governorship seat is a story for another day.

Bukhungu II meeting hatched at Atwoli’s house on December 26

The Cotu boss is a proclaimed life member of the baba na mama party KANU but his dalliance with Odm and by extension Raila Odinga is an open secret. Many believe that Atwoli is Raila’s argent tasked with delivering the luhya block by all means neccessary.

Speculations are rife that Atwoli is set to name Oparanya as the next luhya spokesman. It must be remembered that Atwoli crowned Mudavadi as the luhya spokesman only to regret it after Mudavadi failed to show up at the mock swearing in of Raila.Why would Atwoli be infuriated for Mudavadi’s no show at Uhuru park?

Raila and Sossion attended the initial planning meeting to set the agenda for luhya meeting dubbed Bukhungu II

Cotu boss Atwoli and Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya emerged from the meeting to announce a rally on January 18 at Bukhungu Stadium to discuss the region’s political positioning ahead of 2022 and the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

Others at the meeting were Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala, Woman Rep Elsie Muhanda, ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna, nominated MP Wilson Sossion and a host of MCAs. Raila was with his wife Ida. It is the presence of both Sossion and Raila that has not gone down well with most luhya leaders.

While dismissing it as an Odm affair, Emmanuel Buchichi a youth leader alligned to Mudavadi’s Anc said that they will not allow Bukungu to be used to satiate individual peoples thirst for power and warned that as youth they will not allow individuals to auction an entire community for individual gain. The same sentiments were echoed by former CS Rashid Echesa who has promised together with like minded luhyas to lead a parallel rally in Kakamega town to counter Oparanya and Atwoli’s rally.

Be warned, Dr Khalwale warns Atwoli.

“We want to warn Atwoli that whereas in the first instance he succeeded to lie to our community that he had the powers to anoint a leader which he did when he named Musalia Mudavadi as community spokesman, we know that he now wants to anoint Oparanya to keep on giving Raila a foothold in the community. He has shortchanged Luhyas for decades,”

Khalwale said.

In a swift rejoinder Atwoli told off Khalwale insisting that the Odinga’s were relatives and had every right to visit him any time.

Many observers now see the relationship between Atwoli and Raila by virtue of Ida’s marriage as the impedement to the elusive luhya divorce from Odinga. Ida’s is Atwoli’s cousin.

Whatever way it goes, January 18th shall be a defining moment but for Odinga and co, his foothold in Western is quickly waning and by 2020 he will work harder to regain it.

By Obulala team in Kakamega.

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