Raila Odinga’s critics have always been claiming he is too old to be president. The 2020 elections might be his last time being on the ballot. He faces a huge task as his opponent the deputy president who was once his political student is becoming popular and also vying for presidency.
Recently, the vocal COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli in a televised interview told Kenyans to embrace themselves for a Raila presidency in 2022 since he is the only leader who has good intentions for our country, he is uncorrupt and has suffered a lot seeking for reforms in our country for quite a long time. He claimed that by 10 am on the election date Raila Odinga will have been the president. His words were also echoed by the Jubilee Party vice Chair David Murathe who claimed that Raila Odinga will succeed Uhuru Kenyatta to be the fifth president of Kenya.
Raila Odinga has not yet publicly declared vying for the seat at the hill but he first insists on national unity. Despite this there have been talks of the former Prime Minister the Rt. Honorable Raila Amollo Odinga being on the ballot for presidency in the oncoming 2022 national elections. The call for Raila’s presidency is welcome by many as a result of the 2018 handshake with the President Uhuru Kenyatta which is supposed to foster peace, unity and healing the nation.
The handshake resulted to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) spearheaded by the two leaders which involved various regions in the country giving their opinions and recommendations on what they would want through their leaders.

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