Hon Osotsi: NO to the Proposed Revenue Sharing Formula

I strongly oppose the proposed Revenue sharing Formulae because Vihiga county will lose Sh361 million of funding as this would derail the county’s development spending and payment of pending bills.

Already, the Controller of Budgets has notified Vihiga to pay up Sh700 million owed to suppliers within the 2020-2021 financial year.

I urge those counties that the new cash-sharing formula favours to stand in solidarity with those who might lose out.

Revenue sharing should not be part of our daily politics because some of the counties are going to suffer badly.

The new formula for revenue sharing will discriminate against those counties that will lose their share from the Treasury. We need an equitable sharing formula of funds from the Treasury and not a plan that will cripple other regions in terms of development.

18 counties from the Coast, Northeastern, Nyanza, Rift Valley and Eastern will forgo up to Sh17 billion under the new formula.

Governor Wilber Ottichillo is likely to face hiccups in managing the county if the formula is factored in.

I call upon my brother Senator George Khaniri to lobby his counterparts in the Senate to help Vihiga as it is the only county in Western and Nyanza regions that is going to lose on the new formula as others gain

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