Emerging Luhya Leaders Caucus to go digital on Town Hall Meetings.

The Emerging Luhya Leaders (ELL) Caucus plans to go digital with virtual Town Hall Meetings on the card.

The Caucus Convenor Sir Richard Ekhalie told Obulala Media in an exclusive interview that the newly formed Caucus will resume the Monthly Town Hall sessions via zoom so as to keep pace with the program that started in January 2020 but interrupted with the advent of Corona Virus after only two sessions.

Ekhalie disclosed to Obulala Media immediately after President Uhuru Kenyatta spoke on the opening of the economy that further restricted gatherings of more than 15 people. “We have to innovate and adopt the new normal of a digital world” said Ekhalie.

Comprising mainly fresh Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) from Western Kenya, the Emerging Luhya Leaders Caucus aims at championing for the interests of the populous Luhya Community as the country heads to 2022 general elections and beyond.

The convenor said that the Caucus that operates across political party lines, will provide alternative leadership for Mulembe Nation that has suffered greatly from weak leadership and under-representation.

Unlike the current leadership that has found it difficult to unite the community, the Caucus is determined to forge unity of purpose for socioeconomic and political empowerment of the second populous community in the country.

The Town Hall meetings started in Dagoreti North Constituency in Nairobi in January 2020 before moving to Westlands in February 2020. The next stop is in Makadara Constituency to make it three out of the earmarked seven constituencies with heavy Luhya presence in Nairobi County.

The sessions to consolidate the Luhya vote dwell on educating residents on voter registration and turning out the vote in favour of their candidates. Residents without ID cards are also mobilized to get the crucial voting items.

The Town hall sessions will be extended to other parts of the country with heavy Luhya Community presence before settling in Western Kenya.

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