Nominated member of parliament Hon Godfrey Osotsi has lashed at Ford Kenya and Anc for claiming that Raila and ODM are responsible for the misfortunes befalling their parties.

In a hard hitting statement at the parliament buildings, Hon Osotsi dismissed his Lugari counterpart for his latest outbursts that Odm had planned a coup in Anc.

“First I wish to request my brother Hon Savula to stop masquarading as Anc’s deputy party leader. A simple such at the RPP’s office will only tell you that Hon Savula is an ordinary party member. I speak authoritatively as a founder member of Anc privy to information and documents that no any other member has apart from myself” Hon Osotsi said.

“It is therefore absurd for Hon Savula to try and drag external forces in party issues that the party should address internally. Anc and Ford Kenya were to merge is it Raila who stopped the merger? ” Hon Osotsi asked.

The first term Mp further said that On Friday Hon Savula held a lengthy meeting with Hon Sudi where plans to keep pushing Tanga Tanga agenda were discussed.

On the last meeting held at Hon Wetangula’s Karen home Osotsi had this to say.

“The meeting at Mheshimiwa Wetangula’s home was actually a Tanga Tanga Roll call of sort. Hon Murunga, Hon Tindi are well known Tanga Tanga guys. Nobody has stopped anybody from joining the Ruto for president wagon but let nobody use Raila as an excuse to join Ruto. Iam not an Odm member but let parties sort their issues without blaming it on external and imagined enemies”

added Osotsi.

The fire spitting Osotsi did not spare his colleague Hon Khamala of Lurambi.

“Hon Titus Khamala should be the last to call members like myself non loyal to the party. During his homecoming party, it is on record that Khamala invited Ruto as chief guest. Ruto used that occassion to demean luhyas by telling them ‘nitawapanga’ and to date he has not apologised to Mudavadi and Luhyas. I want to tell my brother Hon Mudavadi that he is surrounded by Hyenas”

said Osotsi.

On the wrangles in Ford Kenya, Hon Osotsi asked Ford K to sort their mess silently.

“For a long time parties have been transformed into personal briefcase parties and now members are awake they want to change things. Blaming Raila will not help. Did Raila stop FK from holding elections? We all know how Wetangula took over from Kombo therefore let nobody lie to us”

he said.

On rumors that he is planning a coup in Anc Hon Osotsi rubbished the assertions.

“I am a founder member of Anc and I cannot stage a coup against that which I formed. According to Anc party constitution, the tenure of all office-bearers come to an end on 15/06/2020. As we all know, there are no plans in place to hold party elections. When members start agitating for that change will the party blame Raila again? Has Raila stopped the party from holding elections?. We have fumigated the senate and the national assembly and we shall demand thorough fumigation of political parties.”

Osotsi said.

Asked what June 15/2020 mean, Hon Osotsi explained.

We formed Anc on 15:6/15 and as the party constitution dictate, elections of new office bearers must be held. What it therefore mean is that all office bearers will cease holding positions in the party including Hon Mudavadi as party leader and when that time comes I will pronounce myself” Osotsi .

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