COVID-19 an eye opener for us to go back to the counties from the cituyes and do agribusiness.

As much as we are faced with the pandemic, God has been equally fair to mankind in our region.

He has provided us with adequate rainfall for us to be food secure.

But how do we use this God’s given opportunity?

Perhaps we need to rethink

Have a thought of Israel, a country with very high temperatures, a country that seldom receives rainfall , a country with imported soils but with all those limitations, they are feeding the world

What of us with all season rainfall, arable deep soil, conducive environment but our lands are either fallow or pronounced with poor farming practices.

Don’t you think sometimes God in his defined wisdom looks at us and says, what kind of people did I place in this fertile land full of opportunities but they can’t seeā€¦

We are all crowding in the city in quest of white color jobs yet the really wealthy is in the land.

My people, let us embrace modern ways in farming

Let us adopt to new technologies in farming

Let us move in a jet like speed towards new technologies

Don’t be so Thormasic

Remember fruit trees available, crop and livestock consultancy available, farm managers available ,cone gardens available, agriculture organic fertilizer available, Supergro available

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