Big Rift in Odm as Jokoyo Midiwo is set to replace Edwin Sifuna as party SG

Prior to 2017 general elections, many seasoned politicians fell out with ODM accusing it holding shambolic nominations with pre determined results. Among the big wigs who fell by the way and ditched Odm party are Hon Ndolo of Makadara who lost to city party boss and Makadara Mp Hon Aladwa, Hon Ongoro who lost to city lawyer and Ruaraka Mp TJ Kajwang, Hon Jakoyo Midiwo who lost to Hon Elisha Akuba Odhiambo of Gem.

Prior to the nominations, the above politicians were Raila’s ardent supporters and a word from them was expressively taken like an order from Baba.

Well Hon Ongoro decamped to Mudavadi led Anc and lost to Hon Kajwang in Ruaraka, Hon Midiwo vied as an independent and lost. To Hon Akuba while Hon Ndolo became a staunch Jubilee supporter.

With the handshake betwewn Raila and Uhuru narrowing the divide between Jubilee and Odm to zero, the politicians who had left Odm trooped back and were well received like prodigal sons with none other than baba himself.

After listening to them, Baba promised them of a free and fair nominations in 2022 and challenged them to take back their rightful positions in what he called the first eleven team.

This statement from Hon Raila was interpreted to mean so many things. Hon Elisha Akuba of Gem perhaps knowing well what the return means has publicly told off Hon Midiwo.

“Midiwo left the party and called it a luo outfit,he cannot therefore return and purport to want to be a priest leading the service. He is welcome but he can only be a sadaka collector not a priest”

Hon Akuba said.

Sources within Orange house now whisper that Party Sg Edwin Sifuna is on his way out and Hon Jakoyo Midiwo is likely to replace him as party sg. It is believed that Jakoyo is level headed and loyal his maturity in national politics will help Odm as Raila makes his final stab at the presidency.

To make Odm more appealing, Hon Mbadi is likely to lose his chairmanship to Hon Junet Mohammed. Pundits believe Junet has won Raila’s heart due to his uncompromising approach on party positions.

Nairobi politics is yet again going to face an acid test as Aladwa’s political nemesis Hon Ndolo is set to challenge for county party chairman’s position. Murmurs within Odm have it that Aladwa performed below average losing Embakasi seat to Wiper and only surviving Kibra’s onlought from Mariga a political lightweight. It took a combined effort of an entire Odm brigade under Junet and Simba Arati to deliver Baba’s bedroom back to Odm.

With John Mukoya having won over Raila and likely to assume youth league presidency and with Oparanya as deputy party boss, it goes without saying that the Mulembe nation in odm will not complain since they are well represented in the party. Oparanya too is poised for a major role in a Raila led government in 2022

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