Bad and Good News for Parents and Comrades as VCs Propose Increase of Tuition Fees and Helb Allocation

University students might be forced to pay 48,000 tuition fee if the new proposal by Vice Chancellors will be adopted

125,449,2019 KCSE students who qualified for university education could be forced to pay 48,000 university tuition fees next year if the proposal by Vice-Chancellors will be adopted.

The document dubbed ‘Status of University Education in Kenya: Challenges and Way Forward’ which was prepared by the chair of Vice-Chancellors Committee, South Eastern Kenya University vice-chancellor Prof Geoffrey Muluvi.

Despite the government increasing tuition fee to Sh171,051 for the joining comrades, the VCs say the increment is meant to cater for the cost resulting in the reduction of privately sponsored students

“It is proposed that tuition fees paid by the government-sponsored student should be raised to Sh48,000 and that the increase takes effect for the new intake of government-sponsored students only, ” Reads part of the proposal.

However, the Vice-Chancellors have also proposed an increase in Helb loan to needy students to help them cushion the increased fee proposal.

“The amount of Helb loans and bursary extended to students from needy backgrounds should be increased at an agreed proportion to the approved fee increase,” Said the VCs.

University bosses have also challenged the government to let students who failed to get government sponsorships to join universities as private students.
“Students who qualify with C plus and above but have not been qualified for government support to pursue degree programs should then be free to either join TVET programs, sponsored by Government, or join universities as private students,” proposed the university bosses.

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