Ali Kiba Finally Responds on Dissing Diamond in “MEDIOCRE”

Mediocre hitmake Ali Kiba has refuted claims that he specifically targeted Bongo music star Diamond Platinumz in his song.

Speaking on a Radion Interview Ali Kiba has said the hit song which was released five days ago did not target anyone specifically contrary to what critics are saying. He says, the composition of the song just like Hip Hop based on various factors including talking about true stories.

” Mediocre sijamlenga mtu yeyote. Kama ilivyo hip hoop ina rules zake. Sometimes unaimba kwa kujisifia na vitu kama hivyo. Unaimba vitu ambavyo vinabasa kwa true story( I did not target anyone in the Mediocre song. Just like Hip Hop you sometimes sing to praise some things and sometimes you express true stories in your song.” Said Ali Kiba.

However, “King” Kiba as mostly refereed to by his supporters, says he does not care if anyone feels that the song targeted him in anyway.

” Lakini kama kuna mtu ambaye anahisi imemhusu basi nadhani …eehhh kama kiatu kikikutosha basi una bahati. That is he main point ( If there is anyone who feels the song targeted him then I think ….if the shoe fits you then you lucky. That is the main point” Said Kiba.

Among the lyrics in the song that has made fans think he has dissed diamond is ” Mimi nafanya wimbo wewe unafanya scandal ndio uonekane”

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